Join the iPad Fundraiser

We are almost to our goal!

Would you like to help a kindergartener or first-grader get caught up to grade level?

With your support, another student will be enrolled in our Online Tutoring Program!

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Goal: 40 iPads

We have 32 iPads

Our online tutoring program includes both a classroom and home component. We want a child to learn whenever and wherever possible!

Online tutoring will be provided in the home with learning software that allows the child to progress at his/her own pace. The award-winning software automatically creates a personalized learning path. The classroom teacher will be able to monitor the child’s progress. Before furnishing the iPad to the family, we will modify it to only operate approved learning software.

To get started, a commitment of $539 will purchase an older-model iPad, protective case, screen protector, and provide the Internet connection for one year. An ongoing pledge of $15/month will supply the built-in Internet connection. No funding is required for the learning software!

The iPad will be used for years. As each kindergartener or first-grader is brought up to grade-level, the iPad will be re-assigned to a student needing additional assistance.

Your help is needed to raise a young child up to grade level and provide confidence in his/her ability to learn!

Thank you!

Number of iPads Donated By:
with cellular service
Farmers Federal Credit Union
6611 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32218
with cellular service
Barbara Willson
with cellular service
The Bradley Family
with cellular service
Linda Brunson, Board Member
15 Delores Barr Weaver Grassroots Grants Endowment at The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida
Total to date = 32

With your help we can put these elementary children on the road to succeed in school – and beyond!

  • Delta Education Weather Vane (4)
  • Delta Educational Barometer (4)
  • Classifying Clouds Photo Cards (4)
  • Didax Plastic Anemometer (2)
  • Delta Education Solar Hot Air Balloon (4)
  • NewPath Weather and Climate Learning Center (4)
  • Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Dual Scale (4)
  • V-Back Metal Thermometers, Dual Scale (60)