Tutor Job Description

Is there a job description for this volunteer opportunity?

Know & Grow Learning Depot, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, serves kindergarten and first grade at Dinsmore Elementary.


Your mission

Tutor six children. Kodi the Bear & Friends will actually “do” the tutoring using fun, award-winning learning software. You’ll have the ability to provide individual attention by tuning in with an audio splitter.  Your presence as a caring adult reinforces the importance of the tutoring.

What you’ll be doing

  • Watch the children become self-sufficient at swooshing around this intuitive learning software
  • Work with a small group
  • Inspire the students to complete Khan Academy Kids lessons at home
  • Demonstrate good attendance
  • On occasion, remind the kids how to properly care for an iPad


  • Smiling face
  • Commitment to and belief in all children’s ability to succeed
  •  Patient, friendly, reliable, and non-judgmental attitude
  • Ability to listen and determine what a student does not understand
  • Comfortable with technology (expertise is NOT required)


Dinsmore Elementary, a Duval County Public School serving nearly 600 students, is one of the most racially diverse elementary schools in Jacksonville. All the students are eligible for a free lunch.
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Time commitment

One hour each week during the school year


  • Enjoy seeing kids having fun and learning at the same time
  • Know you’ve helped a child – possibly for a lifetime!

We can’t do it without you!  

  • Delta Education Weather Vane (4)
  • Delta Educational Barometer (4)
  • Classifying Clouds Photo Cards (4)
  • Didax Plastic Anemometer (2)
  • Delta Education Solar Hot Air Balloon (4)
  • NewPath Weather and Climate Learning Center (4)
  • Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Dual Scale (4)
  • V-Back Metal Thermometers, Dual Scale (60)