Quiet Feet

All kindergarteners and first grade chair legs now have quiet feet.  In addition to reducing the classroom noise level, the tennis balls also make it possible for the young children to slide and re-arrange their chairs. Thanks to the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club for donating tennis balls.  And, thanks to Roger Mann for cutting …

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Literacy Workbook

We have new Kid-Sized Materials for the 2023-24 school year.  The District is implementing the University of Florida Literacy Institute (UFLI) program to teach young readers.  We put together a workbook which encompasses the “decodable” lessons/drills devised by UFLI.  We call it My Blue Book and each kindergartener will receive his/her very own copy. In …

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Secret Stories

Thanks to Mrs. Thomas, first-grade teacher, all first-grade and kindergarten classrooms can now enjoy learning with Secret Stories®.  Know & Grow proudly provides these products to six classrooms: Phonics Book Phonics Posters Musical “Sound Skill” Phonics Songs Download Phonics Flashcards Porta-Pics for Writing Folders Thank you Mrs. Thomas for sharing your “find!” To view more …

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Memorable Math

Many kindergarteners intuitively see the number structure behind counting to 100.  Others need help seeing the logic. This colorful, oversized math and handwriting activity supports the classroom curriculum and is designed to be memorable. To view more kid-sized materials we provide, click here.

Big Book Display

Kindergarten teachers now have Big Book Displays for their classrooms.  The displays are the perfect height for the teachers to turn the pages as they read aloud to the kindergarteners.  The base has drawers for horizontal storage of the big paperback books.  As an added bonus, the small dry erase board can be rolled around …

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Our Strategy

With all our teachers do, we at Know & Grow Learning Depot understand there is no one thing that is going to bring all the students up to grade level – and beyond!  Our strategy is to help teachers make small improvements – and keep making small improvements – until momentum is gained and at …

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Ready, Print, Learn!

Kindergarten classrooms now have a print station!  Prints and copies can be made in black/white and color. The ability to make a spur of the moment print/copy will help our kindergarten teachers help our little students. Thank you Bill Henning for the donation of this high-powered printer and the extra toner!

Helping even more!

Initially the iPads were used only to tutor students not performing at grade level.  When the teachers saw how effective Khan Academy Kids is at helping the low performers, they realized all students could benefit.   Now “early finishers,” with teacher approval, can do Khan Academy Kids lessons in the classroom.  More advanced students can also …

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  • Delta Education Weather Vane (4)
  • Delta Educational Barometer (4)
  • Classifying Clouds Photo Cards (4)
  • Didax Plastic Anemometer (2)
  • Delta Education Solar Hot Air Balloon (4)
  • NewPath Weather and Climate Learning Center (4)
  • Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Dual Scale (4)
  • V-Back Metal Thermometers, Dual Scale (60)