Our 5th-graders See the Light!

Thanks to a grant by William and Helen Thomas Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee, our 5th-graders will be superbly equipped to study light, lenses, and safety.  The grant funded:

  • Diffraction glasses with 3D prism effect
  • Spectroscope tubes
  • Glass prisms
  • Glass lenses
  • And, for science experiments, safety goggles

The glasses, tubes, and prisms help demonstrate how light can be reflected, refracted, and absorbed as it goes through different materials.  The lenses help our 5th-graders understand the lenses of their own eyes, eyeglass assistance, and the optic nerve sending images to the brain for interpretation.

  • Delta Education Weather Vane (4)
  • Delta Educational Barometer (4)
  • Classifying Clouds Photo Cards (4)
  • Didax Plastic Anemometer (2)
  • Delta Education Solar Hot Air Balloon (4)
  • NewPath Weather and Climate Learning Center (4)
  • Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Dual Scale (4)
  • V-Back Metal Thermometers, Dual Scale (60)